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Trauma counselling initiative for families affected by Enyobeni tavern tragedy

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

East London, 28 June 2022- The Eastern Cape is one of SA’s most dangerous provinces for women and girls, with over 1,838 rapes reported from January to March 2022. Masimanyane Women’s Rights International based in East London is a locally rooted, globally connected women's rights NGO working across several countries regionally and globally doing incredible work in trying to combat the issues surrounding GBVF.

As a certified rape counselor Desh Pillay Bechan, a Gang-Rape, GBV, and attempted suicide survivor specialises in suicide and rape counseling. Desh has been requested to assist the victims of this immense tragedy at Scenery Park which has left so many families grieving for the loss of their children lost. Desh will deliver a motivational speech at Masimanyane community centre on Friday morning (01 July 2022).

She will be dedicating three days to motivate, inspire and raise awareness around these issues as well as assisting the many counsellors from Masimanyane who are working on the ground in the Scenery Park area in the wake of the Tavern Tragedy. Women In Motoring South Africa together with Masimanyane will be addressing young girls from the Scenery Park Community. This will take place at the centre this coming Friday. This initiative is taking place on behalf of Women in Motoring SA and is sponsored by M-WOTY powered by MFC & Avo by Nedbank in conjunction with KIA East London who will facilitate with transport. At the conclusion of this drive, Self-Care packages will be handed out to young girls from the Scenery Park Community courtesy of KIA South Africa. 

For additional information and media enquiries, please contact:

Desh Pillay - Bechan

+ 27 84 509 2244


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