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[watch] Dr. Lesley Ann Foster and the Quest for Gender Equality at the African Masculinity Symposium

The Critical Studies in Sexualities and Reproduction research programme (CSSR), in collaboration with the School of Journalism and Media Studies, hosted a thought-provoking African Masculinity Symposium this Women's day, featuring prominent speakers who are masters in their respective fields. Among them, Dr. Lesley Ann Foster stood out, making waves as someone to keep an eye on. A globally recognized figure, Dr. Foster is a true visionary at the forefront of advancing gender equality and women's rights, not just in African societies, but on the international stage as well. Her involvement in the symposium highlights her resolute commitment to her cause, where she contributes to the broader conversation of masculinity's relationship with gender-based violence. With a clear and unwavering vision, she aims to foster a society free from violence and harmful gender norms, embodying the very principles the symposium sought to promote.


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