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[Read] Masimanyane Women’s Rights International believes women in SA have little to celebrate

The non-profit organisation, Masimanyane Women’s Rights International, believes women in the country have little to celebrate on Women’s Day due to the continued rise of incidents of gender-based violence.

The organisation says gender equality still remains a challenge for many South African women.

Masimanyane director, Dr. Lesley Ann-Foster, says women continue to be discriminated against on multiple levels taking away their dignity and human rights.

“These women have little to celebrate on this auspicious day women’s day has become a commemoration rather than a celebration of women. We commemorate the thousands of women who have lost their lives to femicide those women who are commodified whose bodies were objectified by men they loved and some don’t even know the men who took their lives their lives meant nothing to those who killed them.” Read more:



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