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[Gallery] Awareness Campaign on Sexual abuse organised by Community Influencers from Nkqonkqweni

Nkqonkqweni has an established and well running young women’s club.

They meet regularly to discuss issues affecting young people in their community and it came out that sexual abuse is a huge problem in their community, which is why they decided to organise this campaign.

1. Families do not report cases of rape, especially those of minors.

2. Rape culture is a norm at Nkqonkqweni.

3. Rape survivors do not get psycho-social support or any form of help because they do not go to Thuthuzela Care Centres.

Stakeholders present: Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences(FCS), Thuthuzela Care Centre(TCC) and SAPS.

The stakeholders were invited to shed light on the importance of reporting sexual abuse and how communities can actively fight against GBVF.


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