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[gallery] SRHR - Inter generational dialogue at Amalinda Forest

Updated: Jun 29

These dialogues provide a platform to engage community members including parents, adolescent girls, and community leaders in discussions on sexual and reproductive health challenges linked with HIV/AIDS and GBV.

The discussion this week focused on access to SRH services in this particular community and how to advocate for some of the issues that people came up with.

For instance, AGYW of Amalinda has access to a clinic. However, it’s small, servicing different areas and there isn’t much privacy for the patients.

 ◦ There is a nurse shortage on certain days which results in children not receiving immunisation, people defaulting on treatment, women not being able to get their contraceptives, etc.

 ◦ The small clinic does not afford them the privacy they deserve when consultation is being done.

 ◦ They know there is “Happy Hour” which is a service for SRHR and Champion Nurse is there but they do not get this service as the nurse is usually busy with other clinic work.

Some of the solutions for the short and long-term challenges, include advocating for a mobile clinic to also come on certain days to assist. Advocating for more staff to be hired and also for dept. of health to provide a bigger space.


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