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[Read] Moroccan women call for the right to have a legal abortion

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The protest on International Safe Abortion Day came weeks after a teenage girl, Meriem, died in a village in the center of the country following a clandestine termination. Activists honored the teenager with posters that said 'We are all Meriem', calling on lawmakers to make termination of pregnancy a legal option.

There are many women who die every month, every year because of clandestine abortions, and they are not listened to, not even considered. ‘Today we honor Meriem and those who died like her,’ said activist Sarah Benmoussa.

During the protest, Khaoula, a 23-year-old student of journalism, said, 'We're here today because our voices matter! 'Every human being should have control over their bodies.'

We renew this call today,’ said Fouzia Yassine from Spring of Dignity, a coalition of Moroccan feminist associations, ‘Lawmakers bear responsibility for this situation and the violence and hardships the women endure.’

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Source: Africanews


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