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[READ]‘A safe haven’: Australia’s first mental health chatbot supports women of colour

Australia’s first mental health chatbot supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, Black women and Women of Colour has just launched, providing a safe haven to those who need it most.

The digital community and resource platform, Maya Cares, will offer critical support for those experiencing racism by directing users to over 100 culturally-appropriate resources, including lists of culturally-appropriate counsellors and information on how to report racism.

This psychologically safe space for women of colour was developed by The Creative Co-Operative (The CCO), Australia’s first startup social enterprise that’s 100 per cent migrant Women of Colour owned, led and operated.

“This is the first time there has been a digital platform of this scale, designed and run by women who experience racism,” says CCO founder, Priyanka Ashraf.

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