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masimanyane conducts sexual reproductive health session

Updated: May 7

Masimanyane facilitates a Sexual Reproductive health and rights session focusing on Menstrual health and personal hygiene partnering with Azosule Feminine Hygiene owned by a young woman called Tamara Magwashu.

Tamara donated sanitary towels to help fight menstrual poverty in her community. The young girls shared that most of their peers miss out on school work and some drop out due to menstrual poverty.

The session provided a safe space for the girls to speak up and ask questions about menstruation and contraceptives. This is when they shared that some of them were forced to be on birth control when they started their periods, even though they had no idea why.

Here are some of the myths and misconceptions that were raised and addressed in the session:

1. Girls not being allowed to eat certain foods when they are menstruating.

2. Bathing with cold water to stop menstruation and

3. Some even raised the issue of falling pregnant while on contraceptives.


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