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[Read] Ethiopia expanded access to abortions and it saved lives

As a medical student and then obstetrician-gynecologist resident at the turn of the millennium, Ethiopian Dr. Muir Kassa’s work was bleak. Across the country, delivery and gynecology rooms were overwhelmed with cases of women that had undergone unsafe abortions.

“Lots of women died at my hands because they attempted unsafe abortions at home, by using some unimaginable ways, like inserting umbrella wires. It becomes very difficult to save her once she already has these complications,” he said.

One story is etched in his memory — a 19-year-old woman who had a backstreet abortion in a man’s house where he removed her kidney and uterus, along with the fetus, also damaging her intestines. She survived but was left with a permanent colostomy. Click on this link for more:



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