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Become the change you hope to see in your community by fighting GBV

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

16 Days of Activism Campaign – Chalk It Up

30 young women from different communities were organised and taken to one of the East London Beachfront Parking lots to write different messages about Gender-Based Violence Particularly Violence Against Women and Children. The Quigney area is a GBV hotspot, we saw it fitting to choose the spot where people usually chill and drink to write the different messages condemning GBV. This exercise was very important because alcohol is also one of the key contributors to the scourge of GBVF.

Although we were unable to bring hundreds of people to the location due to COVID-19 regulations, pictures were posted on different social media platforms for everyone to see the different messages. We are determined to put an end to the increase in femicide, rape, and domestic violence being committed during this time or whenever there is a lot of attention on GBV.

Neither will we be silent nor will we be silenced.


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