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Honouring African feminist ancestors

The African Feminist Forum (AFF) has partnered with Black Women Radicals by sharing their African Feminist Ancestors Project, which are profiles on historical African women leaders that are now apart of Black Women Radicals Database (BWRD). The BWRD historizes and visualizes Black women’s radical political activism in Africa and in the African Diaspora in efforts to build academic, political, and community engagement, dialogue, knowledge production, research, and education about Black women’s significant legacies as socio-political agents of radical change.

The profiles were originally posted on AFF under the African Feminist Ancestors Project. According to AFF, “the birth of the African Feminist Ancestors Project is based on the commitment to ground our activism, movement-building and strategies on lessons and inspirations of how African women in the past have negotiated power, challenged patriarchal notions of womanhood and also women’s roles within society.” The African Feminist Forum is a “regional gathering brings together African feminist activists to discuss strategy, refine approaches and develop stronger networks to advance women’s rights in Africa.” Pan-African feminist and founding member of AFF, Jessica Horn, facilitated the partnership between AFF and Black Women Radicals, upon reaching out to Jaimee Swift, the executive director of Black Women Radicals, to discuss the importance of centering and highlighting historical African women in the Black Women Radicals Database. Read more:


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